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Idaho Oddity

No suspect yet named but the quadruple murder just gets stranger every day Click Here for Story

Phony Election…

The data for Maricopa county in Arizona’s election is just impossible Click Here for Story

Breaking: Maricopa County Certifies the Fraud

County board certifies the election results despite all the evidence of fraud and mistakes Click Here for Story

Michigan House bill would ban COVID vaccine mandates, but never got a vote

With Democrats taking the gavels in January, it’s unlikely House Bill 4736 will ever pass.

Life Insurance Payouts Hit Record

The Covid era is hitting insurance companies in a big way Click Here for Story

Okemos schools partner with CRT group for mandatory teacher training

Michigan schools continue to stray from the basics Read more

College Not Necessary?

Businesses are rethinking the need for college degrees as labor shortage continues Click Here for Story

Will The China Protests Continue?

Or will the CCP and China’s military pound them into submission Click Here for Details

Get Your Flavonoids

Leafy greens can help stop mental decline Click Here for Story

Time to Ban Tik Tok?

China owned social media is addicting our children and gathering their info Click Here for Story

Dumbing Down Future Lawyers?

LSAT scores are racist? Click Here for Details

Keep Getting Those Useless Shots?

Fauci still pushing vaccines and boosters that clearly aren’t working Click Here for story

Housing Bubble Collapse?

IS the housing market about to take a dive? Click Here for Details

Political Hackery

Jack Smith, special counsel named in the Trump investigations, has ties ...

Special Counsel is just another Clinton backer aiming to punish Trump Click Here for Story

Massive Influx Coming on The Border

Loss of Title 42 will lead to a massive increase in the assault on our Southern border by illegals Click Here for Story

Gig Workers Beware…

The IRS Releases Its New Five-Year Strategic Plan - MyChesCo

IRS is targeting you by asking for 3rd party info Click Here for Details

China’s Backdoor to US Lithium?

Why is the Biden Admin ok with a Canadian company mining Lithium in Nevada when one of their major investors is…China? Click Here for Story

American Soviet Elections?

The US elections now bear a striking resemblance to the old Soviet Union’s elections? Click Here for Story

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