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New York City's Early Voting Plan Will Favor White, Affluent Voters,  Advocacy Groups Say — ProPublica

Get Out and Vote for America’s Future Vote for President Trump

Embracing Communism

Conflict Between Harris and Biden Is Inevitable - The Atlantic

The Democrats aren’t even hiding it anymo9re Click Here for Story

A Tale of Two States

Pennsylvania gets rich with fracking while New York suffers due to regulations Click Here for Details

New State Mandate May Close This Bar For Good

Health department demands contact tracing information for bar, restaurant patrons who test positive for coronavirus

Another Hunter Biden Laptop

DEA seizes another laptop connected to Biden Corruption? Click Here for Story

Yes Sex trafficking of Children is Real and Trump Admin is Fighting It

US Marshals Continue Finding Missing Children Click Here for Story

Could New York Flip?

New Yorkers talk about why they support POTUS Click Here for Details


Rick Grennell tells Wolf Blitzer that the MSM are to blame for any upcoming election violence Click Here for Details

Kamala’s End of America

Borders will be opened and Democrat power fully ensured Click Here for Details

Threats from the Left

Demonstrators protest at Black Lives Matter Plaza across from the White House in August. (Photo by Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images)

Vote for Joe or we burn it down? Click Here for Story

Dirty Democrat ?

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General will push to keep Trump from being elected? Click Here for Story

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