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College Student Stupidity

Despite Kyle Rittenhouse being found completely innocent students at ASU want to see him expelled Click Here for Story

Its Mild…Stop the Fear and Hype?

South African Doctor says the new Covid variant has only mild symptoms Click Here for Story

Florida Does It Right

Florida now has the lowest Covid numbers Click Here for Details

Government Spending In 2021: Money For Everything

In Midland County, that means both a community center and repairs required by dam’s failure

Natural Immunity IS Better

Another study shows natural immunity from Covid is much better than vaccines Click Here for Story

Investigate Fauci?

All signs and evidence are pointing to Anthony Fauci as the culprit behind the China Virus? Click Here for Story

Disney Controlled by China

Simpsons episode censored because China wants it that way Click Here for Details

Why Now?

Jack Dorsey stepping down from Twitter Click Here for Details

WHO Protecting China…Again

World Health Organization director-general Tedros Adhanom meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping in late January 2020. (Photo by Naohiko Hatta/AFP via Getty Images)

Refuses to use the next appropriate Greek Alphabet name…because Xi is the name of China’s President for Life Click Here for Story

China Owns the Bidens?

More evidence the Biden family is on the take from China? Click Here for Details

“Greasy” Bezos

Jeff Bezos makes huge donation to Democrat miscreant Obama Click Here for Story

Pay No Attention To Those Healthy People Dropping Dead….

Media tries to hide the fact that recently vaccinated, healthy athletes are dropping dead of heart issues Click Here for Story

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