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Bad for Business

Biden Economic Policy will kill 2 million jobs? Click Here for Story

Democrats Trying to Spin Hunter Biden Crisis

No its not part of a Russian disinformation campaign but Democrat coup participants want you to think so Click Here for Details

‘No Way To Cut State Budget’ — Not Even These Items?

Michigan budget director draws a line

Arizona Trump Support Strong?

30 Mile long caravan showing support for POTUS Click Here for Story

State Civil Rights Commission’s School Report Raises Questions Whether It’s Serious, Credible

Ideological spin easier to come by than facts and serious analysisRead more

But Will He?

Trump and Biden faced off in Cleveland on Sept. 29. (Photo by JIM WATSON,SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Biden Needs to Answer Corruption Questions at Next Debate Click Here for Story

More Hiding?

Biden calling a LID till next debate? Click Here for Details

Do Democrat Ads Look Like Lies? They Are

Democrats suing deceptive tactics in advertising against John James Click Here for Story

Checkmating Twitter?

House Republicans put blocked info by twitter on a government website? Click Here for Story

Good News for GOP

Despite media claims to the contrary good signs for Republicans Click Here for Details

Where’s Birx?

Obviously absent from meetings Click Here for Story


Trump Complains About Fauci But Says It'd Be 'Bomb' to Fire Him

Calling out the Covid alarmists Click Here for Story

NOT Following Science

Vaping could actually save lives but the left hates it so science doesn’t matter Click Here for Details

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