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Terror Sponsor

Biden admin hands $6,000,000,000 to terror sponsor Iran for hostages, in deal announced on 9/11

Biden Admin hands $6 Billion to Iran for prisoner deal…on 9/11 anniversary! Click Here for Story

Congress of Senility

Term Limits should no longer be an argument. Selfish power hungry legislators are well past their prime and running America into the ground as they get wealthier Click Here for Story

Its Starting…

Gold coins found hidden in wall shed light on Byzantine Empire

Banks are beginning to close accounts on Gold coin and money operators. IS this the prelude to digital currency or just another discrimination against conservatives? Click Here for Story

Is AI Evolving Like We Thought?

Are the threats we worried about coming true? Click Here for Details

Even Californians Are Tired of Stupidity

Poll shows California voters are 2 to 1 AGAINST Reparations Click Here for Story

The Long Arms of China

UK Parliament staffer arrest on espionage charges? When will the world wakeup to China trying to control the West? Click Here for Story

China Joe…

Biden gets hit by Nikki Haley Click Here for Details

More Minorities Backing Trump

Donald Trump Gives Thumbs Up to 'Blacks For Trump'

Growing numbers of minorities are seeing Trump as the candidate who truly does the most for them? Click Here for Story

Never Pence…

Mike Pence Subpoenaed by Special Counsel in Trump Investigation - The New  York Times

If it seems Mike Pence just regurgitates the “same old same old” you’d be right about the DC elitist Click Here for Story

Recusal Required for Justice…

Judge in Trump case should recuse for her bias Click Here for Story

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