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Democrats to Screw Taxpayers Again

Raising the capital gains tax to pay for the Democrat spending spree Click Here for Story

Vaccine Deaths

Per VAERS we are averaging 70 deaths per day due to the Covid vaccination Click Here for Story

School Choice Could Reduce Controversy Over Public School’s Explicit Sex Ed Pictures

Parent calls 7th grade special ed images ‘stick figure porn’

Rose Knows

Actress Rose McGowan endorses Larry Elder for California Governor Click Here for Details

Michigan In Trouble If Flint Meets State Government’s Definition Of ‘Thriving City’

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Democrat tax plan higher than communist China Click Here for Story

Defending the Indefensible

Secretary Blinken will try to defend Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan Click Here for Details

California Cheating

Republican voters are being told they already voted?? Click Here for Story

Common Sense

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va) is the pivotal vote on the Democrats' massive "human" infrastructure (entitlement) bill. He said he's in no rush to pass it. (Photo by OLIVER CONTRERAS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Government NEEDS to consider debt and inflation NOT just spending Click Here for Details

Alaska Airlines Too Woke?

Firing employees for their beliefs? Click Here for Story

Court Packing Wrong

Justice Breyer warns about court packing on the SCOTUS Click Here for Details

Vaccine Mandate Could End Up Killing People

Forced vaccinations is leading to resignations by healthcare workers leading to lack of health services Click Here for Story

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