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Never Prepared

Is Joe Biden the man to take on Donald Trump? His chances may not be as  strong as they seem

Compared to Trump’s 1st eight months, the Biden Admin just isn’t prepared for prime time Click Here for Details

The Vaccine Mandates ARE Racist

Black Americans are disproportionately hurt by vaccine mandates Click Here for Story

Pharmacists Be Warned

The History of American Pharmacies

Blocking official Doctor Prescriptions of Ivermectin is illegal and punishable by law. Pharmacists are NOT doctors. Click Here for Story

‘Best Science’ Murky, But Inconsistent State Responses To Real COVID Data Seems Clear

Different daily positive test numbers bring different response now vs. last year

Mainstream Media Cherry Picking Audit Facts

Huge numbers of questionable ballots were counted Click Here for Details

Patterns of Fraud?

Odd similarities in Michigan and Arizona Click Here for Story

Official Implies Low Youth Vaccination Rates Sent More To Hospital; His Region Had Two

In August just two in Allegan, Barry, Calhoun, Branch, St. Joseph, Cass, Berrien, Van Buren and Kalamazoo countiesRead more

The RINO Club

Liz Cheney Built the Trumpist GOP She Now Laments - The Atlantic

RINOs and Elitists flock to defend the pathetic Liz Cheney from being primaried out Click Here for Story

The Shutdown Battle?

Debt ceiling hike fight is the big concern in DC Click Here for Story

YOU Will Be Taxed

Biden’s climate pledge will cost every American but hurt the poor and middle class the most? Click Here for Details

Flooding the Zone?

DHS Secretary admits he released 12000 migrants into the US…but where? Click Here for Story

Weak Biden Admin Encouraging Extremists in the Worst Way?

Taliban fighters walk near the tomb of Afghan mujahedeen leader Ahmad Shah Massoud in Saricha in Panjshir Province on Sept. 15.

Could a nuclear Pakistan also fall to the Taliban? Click Here for Details

“Fact Checkers” Are Just Propagandists for the Left

Facebook, Twitter and other social media fact checking is designed to protect Biden, the Democrats and the Radical Left Click Here for Story

What The Media Won’t Show you in Australia

Media blacking out Australians protesting their fascist government and its vaccine rules Click Here for Details

The Never Ending Boosters

Israelis protests against vaccine passports that will always require the next booster shot to be valid Click Here for Details

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