The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday September 29, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Another Tease or Something for Real?

Senator Graham says there is something big yet to come in probe on the Russian Hoax investigation Click Here for Details

Flint Started Online School Early, And 55% Of Students Showed Up

The News You Never Heard?

The world almost ended 37 years ago, meet the man who saved it? Click Here for Details

Trump Taxes

New York times tries to hurt Trump by publicizing his tax returns Click Here for Details

What Will Wallace Do?

How will Chris Wallace handle the first debate? Click Here for Story

Clinton Is Wrong Again

Even Senator Dick Durbin says Hillary Clinton is wrong for telling Joe Biden to never concede Click Here for Details

Dangerous Stabenow

Brit Hume Presses Sen. Stabenow After She Predicts ACB Will Derail Health Care

Senator Stabenow is blowing outrageous rhetoric to scare voters Click Here for Details

Another Democrat Owned by China

Senate Candidate Mark Kelly has uncomfortable ties with China’s Communist Party? Click Here for Details

Traitor McCain

cindy mccain speaks onstage

It runs in the family Click Here for Story

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