The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday September 5, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden Not Concerned About Auto Workers?

Biden dismisses strike concerns Click Here for Details

Ann Arbor firefighter wins appeal, receives unemployment benefits

Firefighter to get benefits after city fails to show at hearing

Stop Politicizing the Weather

Desantis blows liberal agenda of climate scam away Click Here for Story

In words and deeds, Whitmer sends mixed message on China

Speech demands Michigan reduce reliance on goods from China, while touting Chinese EV battery plants Read more

Problems for DeSantis Campaign

Founder of DeSantis Super PAC goes for Trump Click Here for Details

EVs Hurting Unions

The alleged “transition” to EVs isn’t working and its going to hurt union jobs too Click Here for Story

Schumer’s Shutdown

Sen. Schumer to host Musk, Zuckerberg and other tech CEOs for closed-door  AI forum | FedScoop

Looks like its thte Democrats who will be responsible for a government shutdown Click Here for Details

Time to Impeach…

Its far past time to impeach the most corrupt President in US history Click Here for Story

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