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Backtracking Joe

Joe Biden flip flops on another agenda item? Click Here for Story

New Jersey Loves Its Police

Thousands show up to support Police and Donald Trump Click Here for Details

More Charters A ‘Complete Assault On Public School System’? Not Quite

Results of 2011 expansion not what school choice opponents said

Indo China Tensions

Indian citizens kidnapped by China in border dispute Click Here for Story

Whitmer’s Back-and-Forth on Football Raises Questions On The ‘Science’ She Cites

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Riots Not Protests

Portland now over 100 nights of rioting Click Here for Story

Democrats Condone Criminals

Kamala Harris (Scott Olson / Getty)

Kamala Harris says she’s proud of Jacob Blake Click Here for Story

What is Up at Ft. Hood?

Disappearances and murders at military base is confusing and disturbing Click Here for Story

This Union Supports Trump

Swing-State Labor Union Endorses President Trump's Re-Election

Swing state endorsement is big for Trump Click Here for Details

Killing California

A modern state sinking into third world status at the hands of Democrat policies Click Here for Details

As the Wind Blows

Now Harris joins Biden in reversing their stand on fracking because polls are hurting them Click Here for Story

BLM Tied to ISIS?

IS there a radical Islam component to the marxist violent organization? Click Here for Details

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