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States Rights

South Carolina is fighting back against the Biden agenda of importing migrants Click Here for Details

Network Propaganda

CNN admits it was trying to remove Trump from office Click Here for Story

Pandemic ‘Put Communities Through Hell’? Not As Measured By Government Pay Hikes

Lobbying group for local officials has made the claim

Florida Does Covid Right

Fully open and Covid numbers are dropping Click Here for Details

Flint’s Bookkeeping Was A Mess Before Water Crisis — And Still Is

Not knowing how much the city has or owes contributes to all kinds of problems Read more

Pause on the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine

Blood clots could be an issue Click Here for Details

Hmmm… Yogurt Cultures and Covid?

Prof. Raz Jelinek and Ms. Orit Malka with their unique probiotic yogurt at Ben-Gurion University laboratory. (photo credit: DANI MACHLIS)

Could there be some treatment from cultures found in yogurt ? Click Here for Story

Panderer In Chief

Then-Vice President Joe Biden with Prince Saudi al-Faisal at the Riyadh airbase, Oct. 27, 2011. (Photo/AFP via Getty Images)

Biden quoting the Qur’an? Click Here for Story

Out of Touch Elitist

Jemal Countess; Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Michael Moore wants to destroy what remains of Michigan’s small business over Covid cases? Click Here for Details

When Congressional Representatives Don’t Represent YOU…

Team Tlaib pushes more for America’s enemies than Michigan residents Click Here for Story

How Close is the Biden Admin and the Chinese Communist Party

Maybe a lot closer than the MSM will tell you Click Here for Story

Pushing Covid…After Death

You can have Covid added as cause of death on deceased persons death certificates? Click Here for Story

Even Harry Knows…

Joining other liberals former Senator Harry Reid says court packing is wrong Click Here for Details

Hope for 2022?

joe biden speaks in rose garden

Will Biden’s gun grab help the GOP to try and take back the House? Click Here for Story

Long Overdue

Term limits are needed in Washington Click Here for Details

Rejecting Critical Race Theory

It IS inherently racist Click Here for Story

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