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Can We Get An Honest Audit of Twitter Now?

Censorship and banning of conservatives was rampant at Twitter can it be fixed now that there is a new owner? Click Here for Story

Caught In His Own Lie

Rep Kevin McCarthy finally called out on lying about his lack of support for Trump? Click Here for Story

Farmington Schools’ Equity, Diversity And Inclusion Consultant Wants Dissenters Targeted And Pressured

Will Supremes Uphold Freedom of Religion?

This case could be pivotal in the culture war Click Here for Story

Whitmer’s Support Of Nuclear Power Shows How Renewable Energy Has Fallen Short

Asking feds to help keep Palisades nuclear plant’s reactor in serviceRead more

They Should Be Afraid…

Twitter employees who have abused and censored conservatives on Twitter should lose their jobs Click Here for Story

Wake Up Georgia!

Gov. Kemp says he has signed final executive order extending COVID-19  public health emergency

Governor Kemp needs to lose his primary Click Here for Story

A Win for Democracy

Judge rules against Democrat attempts to disqualify candidates over alleged support for the phony insurrection Democrats are pushing Click Here for Story

Now Elon Will See the Full Force of the Globalists

Elon Musk Creates Three Holding Companies to Buy Twitter

Globalist shills and selected National leaders will push back on Musk making Twitter truly free speech oriented Click Here for Details

Europe Ups the Ante in Ukraine

Tanks and heavier weapons will now be supplied to Ukraine Click Here For Details

Alternative Banking: Countering the Woke Banks

Conservatives are getting their own credit card company? Click Here for Story

Stopping the Food Disaster

Democrat policies are hurting Americans how do we stop that? Click Here for Details

Rejecting the Woke

Is the American market beginning to reject the corporations that have embraced the stupidity of the left? Click Here for Story

The Cheat Was Real…

Will the American public get a chance to actually see the facts? Click Here for Details

Disarming Spaceforce

The Biden Admin has already surrendered in space Click Here for Story

Undermining America

Across the board there is a plot to destroy America’s values and institutions Click Here for Details

Lying Piece of Schiff?

IS Rep Adam Schiff now in the crosshairs of the Durham investigation? Click Here for Story

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