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Weaponized Government or Political Theater?

Outrageous political behavior from the Biden DOJ and FBI as they raid a former President’s residence Click Here for Story

Michigan Has Its Own Attorney General Problem

Michigan AG Dana Nessel continues threatening political opponents? Click Here for Details

UN Wants Complete Globbal Control?

A command economy that controls the food controls the world? Click Here for Story

Guess What Judge Signed Off on Mar-a-Lago Raid?

Judge previously worked for Jeffrey Epstein Click Here for Story

Lenawee County commissioner listed himself as beneficiary in Phoenix Project

Publicly, David Stimpson said he wouldn’t benefit. But in documents to the feds, he listed his companies as beneficiaries

Bad Day for Gretchen Whitmer?

Michigan Governor had a really bad day Click Here for Details

Mar-A-Lago Raid was Un-Constitutional

Liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz says the raid was outrageous and Un-Constitutional Click Here for Story

Investigate and Impeach Merrick Garland

US AG has shown he is nothing but a political hack Click Here for Story

The Biden Economy

Yes its crashing and getting worse Click Here for Details

Lying About the Border

Secretary Mayorkas is lying about the border crisis Click Here for Story

Can We Be Rid of Ilhan Omar?

A centrist is running against extremist Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Click Here for Details

Time for States to Step Up

Banning Federal agents is something States may have to do to regain control and sanity in the country Click Here for Story

Completely Uneducated

When the Biden Admin says Roe V Wade is Un-Constitutional its an admission that they don’t know the Constitution Click Here for Details

We Are Now Officially a Banana Republic

When the Democrats use government agencies to try and stop their political rivals its no different than a third world dictatorship Click Here for Story

Useless Republican Leadership

Why aren’t Republican leaders stepping up to denounce to political attack on Trump by Biden’s DOJ and FBI? Click Here for Details

Republican Senators Owe Americans An Apology

20 Republican Senators voted to confirm Merrick Garland as AG. They should have known he was a lawless political hack Click Here for Story

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