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Aaannd….Its Heels Up Harris

Kamala Harris on Biden: 'The more, the merrier!' | TheHill

Biden picks Kamala Harris for his Vice President Click Here for Story

112 Outbreaks In Nursing Homes, 5 In Bars – So Lock Down The Bars?

Michigan governor defended placing virus patients in nursing homes, and just closed inside service at bars

Meteor Shower is Back?

The Perseids meteor shower is back in the sky tonight Click Here for Details

Whitmer Speaks At Event That Appears To Violate Her Own Orders

Read more

What Good for Goose is Good for Gander

Portland cop gives woke protesters a taste of their own wokeness Click Here for Details

Dems Went Too Far

Democrats hate Trumps EO but they hesitate to fight it because it does help the American people? Click Here for Story

Russia Says It Has Covid Vaccine

Russia Claims 1st Covid Vaccine 'Sputnik V'; Putin's Daughter Inoculated

Not highly tested but Russia is saying it works Click Here for Details

What Is Cuomo Hiding

New York nursing home deaths involved in cover up? Click Here for Story

The Hoaxtress

Nancy Pelosi mocks Trump as an 'extremely stable genius ...

Speaker Pelosi is still pushing the Russian Hoax Click Here for Story

The Biggest MSM Lie Yet

This anchor says there are no Anti-Trump news outlets? Click Here for Details

The Real Election Interference

Mail in balloting is what Democrats hope can get them an election Click Here for Story


Journaliss have already shown their bias now they show their complete lack of education Click Here for Details

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