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The Danger of the Democrat Agenda

First night of the Republican Convention lays out the choice in November Click Here for Details

Go Figure

Businesses are abandoning Portland due to rioting and lack of policing Click Here for Story

Michigan Governor Completely Out of Touch ?

Can’t see the riots and violence?? Click Here for Details

Word ‘Epidemic’ Missing From Law Whitmer Bases Unilateral Governance On

‘Epidemic’ does appear in the emergency law that limits how long she can go solo

A Complete Flake ?

Jeff Flake gets called out for his anti-Trump stupidity Click Here for Story

Union ‘Safety Strike’ Tells Detroit Teachers To Stay Home, But Will Students Show Up Remotely?

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How Democrats Really Feel About Democracy

Senator Murphy thinks Democracy is not natural Click Here for Details

Wolf Gets the Nod

POTUS will nominate interim DHS Secretary for the full time position Click Here for Story

Texas or Louisiana Bullseye?

Hurricane Laura takes aim at Texas coast or further east Click Here for Details

Dangerous Rhetoric

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) (Photo by ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Rep Steve Scalise slams Speaker Pelosi for violence inducing rhetoric Click Here for Story

The Real Nazis

dc diners

BLM protesters are threatening people on street and in restaurants Click Here for Story

Working for China

Senator Diane Feinstein seems to be in China’s pocket Click Here for Details

More Help for Farmers

POTUS announces another $1 Billion for Farmers to Families program Click Here for Story

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