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More people buying guns as the Democrats try to take them away Click Here for Story

Pelosi Visits Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi Arrives in Taiwan

What will the Chinese response be after their multiple threats? Click Here for Details

Michigan Primary Results

Click Here for Details

Arizona Primary Results

Click Here for Details

Democrats Taxing YOU!

The Schumer Manchin bill will hit most Americans right in the pocket book Click Here for Story

Corruption Grows in Washington DC

Now the SEC is discovering corruption Click Here for Details

Whitmer admits: 25,000 auto jobs in Michigan were projected, not created

Whitmer’s claim of 25,000 new auto jobs has been fact-checked and found wanting, by a multitude of sources

Could Marijuana Finally Get Its Day?

Senate introduces legislation to lift Federal prohibitions Click Here for Story

State Board of Education member resigns, leaves Michigan

When people who know Michigan’s educational offerings best decide their future is elsewhere, we should be concerned Read more

Brainwashed Child?

When society turns children against their parents its disturbing Click Here for Story

Fighting the Vaccine Mandates

Chicago based North Shore Health System must now pay workers for their idiot policy of Covid vax mandates Click Here for Details

California Goes Full Energy Suicide?

Decides to halt any new federal oil and gas drilling Click Here for Story


It will get worse and expect double digit inflation this fall due to Democrats and Joe Biden policies Click Here for Details

EV Failure

Electric bus fails to climb hill endangering passengers Click Here for Story

It IS Soros Fault

Crime wave which has cost lives is the direct result of George Soros supporting soft on crime District Attorneys Click Here for Details

WHY Is This Allowed

China is buying US property at a rapid rate and it is endangering our economy and national security Click Here for Story

Supporting Iran

Iran has made over $44Billion in illegal oil sales since Biden took office Click Here for Details

Manchin Hurting His Own State

Manchin’s legislative actions will hurt the coal industry and West Virginians whom he supposed to serve Click Here for Story

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