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The election fraud evidence is piling up and can’t be ignored forever Click Here for Story

The Dead Can Vote…

And Michigan’s Secretary of State wants it that way because they always vote Democrat Click Here for Story

Worst Press Secretary Ever

Karine Jeanne Pierre gets caught in another whopper of a lie Click Here for Details

UP energy costs are high; without Line 5, they would be unaffordable

Michigan will grant $120 million in home heating credits this year

California: China’s Newest State?

California’s lack of freedom is one item helping to push it into China’s sphere of influence? Click Here for Details

Are Pennsylvanians That Gullible?

Could the people of Pennsylvania be dumb enough to vote for socialist Fetterman? Click Here for Details

Taiwan Fires on Chinese Drone

Warning shots as the Chinese invade Taiwan airspace again Click Here for Story

He Always Seems to Be Proven Right, What About This?

Rampant and obvious election cheating needs to be addressed for faith in government to be restored Click Here for Story

Inconvenient EV Facts

The left and Democrats don’t want you to know these facts about Electric Vehicles Click Here for Story

Ask Yourself Why Anyone Would Want to Stop Voter Integrity Laws

Macedonian Witch Hunt Targets George Soros

Soros sponsored ballot initiative to stop new voter integrity law is stopped by court Click Here for Details

Is The FBI Cleaning House or Covering Up?

Resignation or firing of top anti-Trump FBI official Click Here for Story

Moving The Country to Disgrace

Normalizing pedophilia is what the leftists want Click Here for Details

Death by Globalism

If the World Economic Forum gets its way life won’t be “life” worth living Click Here for Details

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