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Porkulus 2 Screws You

The latest Covid Relief Bill spends more on foreign governments and special interests than Americans Click Here for Details

Media IS The Democrat Propaganda Machine

New York Times and other news outlets are hiding the Rep Eric Swalwell spy story Click Here for Story

One Horse Pony Joe

Old Joe is back to insulting reporters who ask questions about his son Click Here for Details

Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm Oversaw Parade Of Failed Green Energy Boondoggles

Would-be energy secretary’s record not promising Read more

Pushing the Fear

“New Strain” of Covid is the latest attempt to control the world’s population Click Here for Story

Another Example Of State’s Aggressive COVID Enforcement

Restaurant skirting restrictions attracts inspectors

Liberal Flight

Libs leaving New York and California after they ruined them Click Here for Details

Sorry Joe It Ain’t Over

Trouble brewing in Congress on January 6th Click Here for Story

The Tesla Bubble

CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk poses during a television interview after his company's initial public offering at the NASDAQ market in New York, June 29, 2010.

How overpriced IS Tesla stock price? Click Here for Story

Doom and Gloom Joe

Darkest Days are ahead Click Here for Details

How Can Zuckerberg Get Away With This?

Using non-profit money to help Democrats Click Here for Details

Social Justice CDC

Putting supposed racial equity over the truly compromised Click Here for Story

A Republican with Guts

Representative elect Madison Cawthorn will contest the election result Click Here for Details

China Mitch

IS the Senate Majority Leader compromised by ties to China? Click Here for Details

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