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Thank You Texas

Economy of Texas - Wikipedia
Texas State Veteran Benefits |

State of Texas sues the states certifying fraudulent elections Click Here for Story

Safe Harbor Deadline?

Latest on election lawsuits and deadlines Click Here for Story

CDC Says Make Schools Last To Close & First To Reopen; Teachers Union Says That’s Immoral

How dare parents ‘hoard’ opportunity for their children, fumes East Lansing union local\

Democrats Hurting Americans

Bernie Sanders admits the Democrats refused to do a Covid stimulus bill because of the election Click Here for Story

State Health Department Extends Current Michigan Lockdown Until Dec. 20

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Dirty Durbin

Durbin leads opposition to COVID-19 liability shield with eye on Judiciary post

Won’t protect businesses from Covid lawsuits Click Here for Details

America is Arming Up

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Another 2.1 million gun sales in November Click Here for Story

Exposing the Haters

These college educators are being exposed for hating America Click Here for Details

Warnock the Marxist

Will Georgia elect a Marxist for their Senator? Click Here for Details

Still Putting America First

President Trump signs EO to give vaccines to Americans first Click Here for Story

Democrats in Bed with China…

Literally Click Here for Story

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