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Wait, What? Gas Cars Now Cheaper to Fuel Than Electric Cars?

ICE Vehicles vs. Electric Vehicles | Elasto Proxy

New study reverses cost advantage from EVs back to ICEs Click Here for Story

Abbott Stepping Up…

Governor of Texas appoints Border Czar because of Biden’s failure to control the border Click Here for Story

Dirty Ukraine

Who is Ukrainian President Zelenskyy? | WJMN -

Guess what Zelenskyy ordered on the day of Russian invasion? Click Here for Details

Michigan’s 10 least-popular constitutional proposals since 1963

These 10 proposals got an overwhelmingly negative response at the ballot box

Searching for The Truth is Illegal in Arizona?

Democrats want to charge Kari lake for asking about election fraud? Click Here for Details

DTE’s peak-hour rates in Michigan are on the cusp of California’s

DTE peak-hour rate is about 2 cents less than California’s average energy price in 2021 Read more

Overdue Investigation

GOP needs to promptly investigate the Democrat weaponization of government departments Click Here for Story

Mackinac Center on TV: Skorup makes case for keeping Michigan a right-to-work state

Whitmer said repeal effort is “on the horizon” Read more

What Is the DOJ Hiding

DOJ does not want to cooperate on investigations into classified documents? Click Here for Story

China Starts Its Threats Again

Warns new Speaker Kevin McCarthy about visiting Taiwan Click Here for Details

More Civil War Talk…Is this What the Left Wants?

Compromise is no longer in the vocabulary of liberals Click Here for Details

Odd Admission by Bill Gates

Billionaire philanthropist and climate change activist Bill Gates.  (Getty Images)

Ukraine is one of the most corrupt governments in the world? Click Here for Story


War with China is inevitable, get ready? Click Here for Story

Is the US Weakening Itself?

Supplying Ukraine is depleting the US military? Click Here for Details

YouTube and Twitter Pushing More Censorship

Hiding the Project Veritas videos of Pfizer gain of function admission? Click Here for Story

And Another Youth “Dies Suddenly”

14 year od soccer player dies in her sleep Click Here for Story

Dementia Joe

Biden said what about ending the Covid Emergency?? Click Here for Story

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