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House Democrat wants to sue Trump and Giuliani over Capitol protest because impeachment failed? Click Here for Story

Community College President Paid Over $525,000 Last Year

Read more

Texas Power Outage

Why the Green Energy agenda won’t work Click Here for Story

Whitmer’s Pandemic Management Inspires Pro-Indiana Billboards

Sign mocks Michigan governor as being good for business – in Indiana Read more

Burr Gets Censured

Another GOP Senator faces backlash for voting for Impeachment Click Here for Story

Kamala Doing Joe’s Job?

VP handling phone calls from foreign leaders instead of Biden Click Here for Details

Dangerous to the 1st Amendment

Truth commissions are something right out of Soviet days Click Here for Story

Power Outages in 13 States

Rolling blackouts due to inclement cold weather Click Here for Story

The January 6th Capitol Lie

Everything the media is telling you is a complete lie Click Here for Details

New Bedfellows?

As banks try to hurt the gun industry cryptocurrency sees an opening? Click Here for Story

Was Nancy Pelosi More Involved in Capitol Attack Than We Think?

The Speaker is ultimately responsible for the security of the Capitol and she knew there was going to be a problem Click Here for Story

The Biden Radical Agenda

Interior Secretary nominee is an extreme radical on climate issues Click Here for Story

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