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Capitol Riot Was Pre-planned

But by who? Democrats want to blame Trump supporters but facts point elsewhere? Click Here for Details

Fascism Is Here…

And Democrats are pushing it by trying to stop other opinions than their own Click Here for Story

Money for Nothing: Most Federal COVID Relief Went to Closed Classrooms

Districts raking in most CARES funds denied students in-person learningRead more

Not Done Yet

Sidney Powell is not dissuaded by the failure of SCOTUS to look at evidence Click Here for Story

Whitmer Declares Energy Emergency — Appears Short Of Legal Standard

Law authorizes lockdowns, closing gas stations, moreRead more


Woke teachers aren’t educating they’re propagandizing the Progressive Socialist agenda Click Here for Details

Everything That’s Wrong With UN Can Be Seen Through This…

Human Rights council gives the world’s biggest violators a platform Click Here for Details

The Corrupted Media

No longer a journalism industry Click Here for Story

Conspiracy or Truth?

If its so phony why is everyone working so hard to stop it from being heard? Click Here for Story

Environmentally Unsound?

Biden climate policy will hurt Americans Click Here for Story

The Kerry Connection

John Kerry needs to be investigated over Iranian ties? Click Here for Details

Pork Back on the Democrat Menu

Latest Covid relief bill from the Democrats is packed with unrelated spending and special handouts Click Here for Story

Destroying Small Business

Democrats aren’t hiding their disdain for small business anymore Click Here for Details

Trumpism Is Here to Stay

Whether he is President or not the ideas Trump brought to light are now ingrained in Americans Click Here for Story

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