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Biden’s Mishandled Classified Documents

Where is the FBI, DOJ and media on this? They were found before the Midterm election why are we only hearing about it now? Click Here for Story

Awesome But Is It Just Wishful Thinking?

Could the GOP abolish the IRS? Click Here for Story

Long Overdue

McCarthy will remove partisan liars and hacks from Congressional committees Click Here for Story

Whitmer: Republicans should have attacked me on proposed 45-cent gas tax hike

Whitmer was saved from herself by Republicans in 2019, but now says her proposal would’ve been a strong line of attack


Canadian Doctor boasts about assisting suicide Click Here for Details

Yes Inappropriate…

Chairman Powell says its inappropriate for The Fed to make climate policy Click Here for Story

China Targeting Africa?

rich resources could be the reason for China’s meddling in the African continent Click Here for Story

The Farce of Russian Collusion

6 years of lies by the media and Democrat, now we find out Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election Click Here for Story

Twitter Files: Pfizer

Pfizer Had Twitter Censor information and posts that didn’t comply with the Pfizer agenda? Click Here for Story

Bad Business Biden

Biden can’t refill the Strategic Oil Reserve at a profit. He couldn’t have been more wrong Click Here for Details


(Screen Capture)

Governor Abbott tells Biden he has failed in his Constitutional duty to defend the United States from invasion Click Here for Story

Spending Mistakes

Biden increase the deficit by 3.7 trillion so far but not a dime for the border? Click Here for Details

General Idiot

General Mark Milley is the real insurrectionist? Click Here for Story

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