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Getting Wise

India bans Tik Tok and other Chinese Apps Click Here for Story

Michigan School Reopening Plan

Governor unveils new plan for school in the fall Click Here for Details

Children Pay the Price

Not having police has a cost …and children are paying it. Click Here for Story

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Religious Schools Can Receive Public Funds

Impact unclear for Michigan, which has nation’s most restrictive language

Fear Mongerer?

Fauci beats the new confirmed case drum? Click Here for Story

Michigan More Sensitive Than Florida To COVID-19?

Whitmer Administration Makes That Claim Despite Far More Michigan DeathsRead more

Time to Cut Off China?

Another pandemic brewing in China? Click Here for Story

Biden is Tested…?

Says he is being tested for Cognitive decline Click Here for Story

Liberal Smoke Screen

Let’s call racism a medical issue? Click Here for Details

Jail the Leakers

Trump Admin leakers need to be found and punished accordingly Click Here for Details

Democrats Want Higher Drug Prices

Once again Democrats put special interests above Americans Click Here for Details

Russia’s Real Enemy

Russia like the US needs to focus on China as the real threat Click Here for Details

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