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Get Rid of Senate Filibuster?

Biden hoping if win would support end of minority filibuster Click Here for Story

The Mask Conundrum

Police and businesses try to deal with Mask mandates Click Here for Details

Michigan COVID Deaths Way Down, Hospitals In Good Shape, Face Mask Mandate Expands

Faulty Covid Numbers

Once again inflated Covid case numbers being reported Click Here for Story

Replacement Name for Redskins Offered

Navajo community offers new name for football team Click Here for Details

Labor Commission: State Needs Annual Permission To Take Union Dues From Most State Workers

Gives teeth to 2018 U.S. Supreme Court rulingRead more

SCOTUS OKs Executions

First Fed prisoner executed after SCOTUS allows Click Here for Details

Governor Used State’s ‘Emergency Alert System’ To Broadcast Face Mask Mandate

Read more

New York Restricts Visitors?

More states hit the Tri-State area’s restricted list Click Here for Details

The Return of Sessions?

Can Jeff Sessions regain his old Senate seat? Click Here for Story

Democrats Pushing More Crime

De-funding police agenda will hurt Americans Click Here for Details

Energy Killer

Biden plans for green energy would kill the US economy Click Here for Story

Attacking the Victims?

Rape victims being called racist for reporting their assault? Click Here for Details

What Do the Children’s Doctors Say About Opening Schools?

American pediatricians say schools should be open Click Here for Story

UK Walks Away from Huawei

Chinese telecom company gets bad news from Britain Click Here for Details

NY Times Losing Remaining Journalists

Nothing but extreme left bias is left at NYT as a centrist editor is forced to resign Click Here for Story

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