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AP Goes Full Racist?

Non capital letter for White but Caps for Black? Click Here for Details

Ann Arbor Supports Anarchists

Council member wants to protect rioters from Federal law enforcement Click Here for Story

Michigan Public School Teacher Fired For Pro-Trump Tweet

Washington Free Beacon reports his choice: resign or be fired


Ghislane Maxwell paid to smear her victims? Click Here for Story

Son Of COVID-19? Michigan Hasn’t Had More Coronavirus Deaths Than There Are Serial Killer Victims

Michigan Attorney General makes false claim in comparing COVID-19 to serial killers

Lincoln Project or Putin Project?

Ani-Trump group has foreign funding and founders? Click Here for Details


Michigan school district fires teacher for being Pro-Trump? Click Here for Story

The Real Covid News

Deaths are waaaayyyy down Click Here for Story

Goose and Gander


If NY Times moves to dox Tucker Carlson he’ll do the same to them? Click Here for Details

Democrats are Anti-Semites

Democrat leadership is supporting the hateful speech of its Democrat membership Click Here for Details

READ THIS: Civil War?

What a Second American Civil War Could Look Like

What would a civil war in America look like today? Click Here for Details

Lawyering Up

The 2020 election will be the most litigated ever? Click Here for Story

Open Door Joe

joe biden exults during a news conference

Joe Biden tells muslims he will end travel ban from countries that hate us Click Here for Details

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