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Redefining: Its What Democrats Do

Whether its changing the definition of women, life or recession redefining is what Democrats to instead of facing the truth Click Here for Story

The FBI and DOJ Are Corrupt

US disrupts global 'botnet' controlled by Russian military intelligence,  DoJ says | Merrick Garland | The Guardian

Senator Grassley calls out Christopher Wray and Merrick Garland on the corruption evidence at the FBI and DOJ Click Here for Details

Flint school district requires masks for fall classes, then changes course

Masks are now merely recommended, not required, in the district that gave every employee a $22K COVID bonus

It Sounded Good But Look Closer?

The CHIPS Act may not be the solution needed Click Here for Story

How Stupid Are We?

Why is the US government allowing China some much access to our country and vital assets? Click Here for Details

NOT Following Science

Fauci back on the useless mask mandates again Click Here for Story

The Lies Are Coming Out

Between flip flopping Fauci, lying Dr.Birx and the latest data the Covid narrative is being shown as complete nonsense Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

What made these holes in the Atlantic seabed? Click Here for Story

Snake Oil Salesman

Fauci starts pushing more boosters Click Here for Details

Transportation Security??

TSA allowing illegal immigrants to fly on planes Click Here for Story

Fudging the Statistics?

Governments are playing with data to push the Covid narrative Click Here for Details

It Will Be A Cold Winter in Europe

Russia will cut more gas supplies to Europe. They were warned this would happen…. Click Here for Story

Ashley Babbitt WAS Murdered

Ashli Babbitt, driver's license photo.

So why is the shooter not being investigated or charged? Click Here for Details

Cyber Stupidity

Biden’s CyberSecurity Czar says systemic racism is the biggest threat to national security? Click Here for Story

Never Pence

Rally size matters Click Here for Details

About Those Electric Trucks…

Ford’s new electric truck can only tow 85 miles? Click Here for Story

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