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No Holds Barred

AG Barr Testifies to House Committee Click Here for Story

Read his opening statement Here

Can’t Admit It?

Dr. Fauci still can’t admit that Hydroxy Chloroquine works…why? Click Here for Details

But Henry Ford Health System Says…

It does help significantly per their study Click Here for Story

World Is Betting Against the US?

Dollar is having issues Click Here for Details

Vaccine Volunteers Wanted

Are you willing to volunteer to test Covid Vaccine? Click Here for Story

Democrats Prefer Covid Issue to a Covid Solution

Schumer and Pelosi won’t work with GOP to get Covid relief package together Click Here for Story

Front Line Doctors Approve of Hydroxy Chloroquine

This group of doctors is using Hydroxy Chlorquine successfully Click Here for Story

Why Is Big Tech Hiding Covid Treatments?

There is a reason and one must seek it out Click Here for Details

American City Looking 3rd World

Portland is beginning to look like war torn Baghdad Click Here for Story

The Storm Trooper Lie

Democrats want to portray Federal Law enforcement officers as Nazi Storm Troopers Click Here for Details

Peaceful Protesters?…Not At All

Fireworks with nails in it used against law enforcement Click Here for Story

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