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Banning Tik Tok?

Is there going to be a ban on Tik Tok in America due to Chinese ties? Click Here for Details

Protests Ok but Parties Are Not?

Organizer of party may get charges? Click Here for Story

Bill Would Repeal State Prohibition Of Local Bans On Grocery Bags

Cities could also ban or tax cloth, paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, glass or other ‘auxiliary containers’

Whitmer Permits Fans At High School Sports While Tigers Play To Empty Stadium?

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BLM Killing Blacks

Activists are killing more innocent blacks than police Click Here for Details

Time to Pressure China

ITs own people and the world need to hold the CCP accountable Click Here for Details

States Not Using the Data

Testing is up, infections are up but deaths are down so why shut down the economy again? Click Here for Details

Lying Sue

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Secretary Pompeo hits back at Susan Rice for her lying ways Click Here for Details

NFL Creating More Problems

Playing a “Black” National anthem riles fans Click Here for Story

Rioters Groupthink

What do these violent activists think? Click Here for Details

France vs Turkey?

Problems in EU paradise? Click Here for Story

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