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Senator Scott Takes Lead

McConnell taps Senator Scott to lead police reform for the Senate Click Here for Story

Abusing George’s Memory

Al Sharpton and Colin Kaepernick try to profit from the death of George Floyd Click Here for Story

Michigan Breweries Reopen

Breaking through the Quarantine Click Here for Details

Does Defund The Grand Rapids Police Mean Take Their Pensions Too? 

Police and firefighters have been promised a combined $530.7 million in pensions by the city

Lying Gretch

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer wearing coronavirus mask

Governor Whitmer caught in yet another lie Click Here for Story

The Worm Turns Again

WHO clarifies latest statements on Covid Click Here for Story

Court Rejects Whitmer’s Effort To Impose Severe Lockdown Penalties On Businesses

‘There is simply no room … for adding additional penalties’

NFL Repeat

Will the NFL revive the controversy that almost ruined them before? Click Here for Story

Whitmer Skirted Her Own Executive Orders Twice Before Blowing Them Up

Nothing ambiguous or confusing in executive order against joining crowds in public

The American Voter Knows

(Getty Images)

60% believe the media is pushing Covid shutdowns to hurt Trump Click Here for Story

Police Union Pushes Back

Union Chief lashes out at media Click Here for Story

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