The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday June 12, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Gun Grabbing Joe…

New Biden Admin rules is affecting 2nd Amendment Rights of Americans Click Here for Story

Stop The Voter Fraud

Republicans must work harder to stop the various schemes Democrats are using to cheat in elections Click Here for Details

Lawmaker: $4.4B of corporate subsidies is ‘legislative malpractice’

Rep. Dylan Wegela says money should have funded infrastructure, schools and communities

Hunter Gets Convicted

Hunter Biden: Convicted felon

Hunter Biden is now a convicted felon on gun charges but what about all the other Biden crimes? Click Here for Story

Dark Money in Politics

Even RINO Republicans like Peter Meijer are in on the questionable practice Click here for Story

From the Science Side…

Concrete as a battery? Click Here for Story

There Are No Civilians in Gaza

Hostages have been kept in residential homes as most of the population in Gaza directly or indirectly supports Hamas and their terrorism? Click Here for Details

Its Not Hypocrisy Its Hierarchy

Democrats think they are above the law and the people Click Here for Story

Why Is the World Protecting Terrorists?

In a normal world countries wouldn’t be supporting and trying to save violent terrorists Click Here for Story

NIH IS Guilty of Hiding A Lot

Just another corrupt Federal government department Click Here for Details

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