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Obviously The Biggest We Told You So in History?

Amazon - Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets  the President Tried to Hide: Devine, Miranda: 9781637581056: Books

Hunter Biden’s lap top reveals more corruption in the Biden family Click Here for Story

We’re Not Laughing Mr. Barr…

Bill Barr

Bill Barr laughingly says he never intended to investigate any election fraud Click Here for Story

Michigan Has Low Gas Tax — Except When It Doesn’t

Advocate for increased spending on roads understates tax burden Michiganders bear for road construction

DC Mayor Never read the Constitution?

D.C. Mayor Trolls Trump With Giant “Black Lives Matter” Message In His  Front Yard | Vanity Fair

Added her own 51st star to the American flag to represent DC? Click Here for Story


Wholesale prices rose over 10% in May thanks to Joe Biden and the Democrat’s policies Click Here for Details

January 6th Sham Committee Caught in Yet Another Lie

Trump Ally Pushes to Banish Cheney From House GOP Conference | Crain's  Chicago Business

It just gets crazier with the amount of fraudulent info the committee is spouting Click Here for Story

Stockmarket Gains Wiped Out

Retail investors bailing on bull market

Biden is now destroying Wall Street like he has destroyed Main Street America Click Here for Details

So Much for the Monroe Doctrine?

Russian troops in Central America Click Here for Details

Promises To Be Broken

Unfunded Social Security obligations are growing and putting the system and retirees at risk Click Here for Story

Its All About Stopping the People’s Choice

Democrat’s January 6th nonsense is all about stopping Trump from running because Democrats know people will vote him and his America First agenda into office Click Here for Details

Obviously Two Tiered Justice

Hillary Clinton on TODAY

The Hillary Clinton Russian Collusion scam is a far more serious problem than any FBI conspired January 6th protest Click Here for Story

The Dangers of Bad Immigration Policy

Biden Admin is bringing enemies of the US into the country Click Here for Details

Why Do Democrats Hate America So Much?

Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams funneled money to terrorist sympathizers? Click Here for Story

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