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A Win for Parents and School Choice

SCOTUS rules in favor of allowing state funds for private (religious) schools Click Here for Details

Governor Whitmer Is Woke Beyond Belief?

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer speaks during a drive-in campaign rally with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama at Belle Isle on Oct. 31, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan.

Is this a war on women or just woke stupidity? Michigan Democrat governor refers to women as “menstruating people”? Click Here for Details

Legislature considers reining in emergency powers

Slate of House bills would impose time limits, transparency and legislative oversight

When You Suck You Just Lie

Democrats want to try and blame …wait for it…Trump for the inflation caused by Biden and Democrat policies Click Here for Story

Can Real Science Trump Woke Science?

Biology actually matters in men playing in women’s sports Click Here for Details

Out the RINOs

Republicans who wrongly voted to impeach Trump are getting the boot by voters Click Here for Story

Battle Bots

Russian troops may soon face "terminator-style" machine-gun toting robots as the World's first major so-called Tik-tok war is fought by deadly machines

Armed drones now hitting the battlefield in Ukraine? Click Here for Details

2nd Amendment End Run?

Democrats will go after ammo and ammunition manufactures? Click Here for Story

You Can’t Hide This Bad News

Biden Admin economists are trying to spin the skyrocketing inflation numbers Click Here for Details

Wrong Priorities

Biden’s Defense Dept. is making America’s military Woke and Weak Click Here for Details

The Fed Can’t Fix High Energy Prices…

Biden and the Democrat’s policies are what’s driving fuel prices to record highs Click Here for Story

The Democrat Racism Lie…

Trump is not a racist no matter how many times Democrats and the media take words out of context Click Here for Story

Documentary: The Plot Against The President

Juneteenth Shootings

The newest Federal Holiday seems to have a lot of violence? Click Here for Details

Green Deal Stupidity

Climate scammers ar just making inflation worse Click Here for Story

Say What???

Biden’s Racial Equity Rep at the State Dept. said what? Click Here for Story

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