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Schiff Continues Lying

AG Barr says its infuriating that Rep Schiff continues with debunked Russian collusion story Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Floating Island?

Muskegon Lake’s mystery island isn’t so mysterious Click Here for Details

Facebook Moderator Boasts Deleting Users For MAGA Hat

‘I am going to delete them for terrorism’Read more

Rule of the Mob

The government is giving away its main responsibility Click Here for Details

Last Three Months’ Jobless Benefits Nearly Match State’s 2019 School Budget

Read more

Democrats to Block Police Reform

Senator Schumer plays politics Click Here for Details

What the Media Won’t Tell You

Once again MSM is trying to prevent you from knowing the truth Click Here for Details

Protecting DC

Trump Warns Autonomous Zone Anarchists: You Will Be Met with Force and Prison Time

Will force be used to protect Washington DC from anarchists? Click Here for Details

Mail In Ballot Fraud

(Screen Capture)

AG Barr says foreign country could print ballots and mail them Click Here for Story

What Democrats Plan

A Biden win and Democrat victory will eliminate all opposition Click Here for Details

The Seattle Secret?

Is there a reason the Trump Admin is not cracking down on Seattle Autonomous Zone Click Here for Details

Murdoch vs Google

Rupert Murdoch Could Soon Reap Reward in His Long War Against Google

This could be interesting Click Here for Details

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