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Biden’s Open Border Tragedy

50 dead illegal immigrants found in truck at the open southern border Click Here for Story

Just Another Coincidental Government Death?

Senate Sergeant-at-Arms During Jan. 6 Attack Dies

Congressional Sergeant At Arms for the House on January 6th dies suddenly? Click Here for Details

Pathetic Joe

French President Macron bursts Joe Biden’s ignorant plan to solve gas prices Click Here for Story

The Nerd Gets Off the Hook for Flint

Charges dropped against former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder in Flint water crisis Click Here for Story

Supreme Court: Nessel ‘cut corners’ in using one-man grand jury to secure Flint Water Crisis indictments

UFOs in the Pacific?

US Sailors contradict US Navy Chief on the swarming of US ships Click Here for Details

Whitmer directs ‘whole of government’ to register Michiganders to vote

Reports on department efforts to register voters are due June 30 Read more

Hypocrite Hillary

The Queen of Grievance and resentment trashes Justice Clarence Thomas Click Here for Story

We Told YOU So: Green Failure

France joins Germany in reviving coal fired electric plants as they realize the Green Renewable Movement doesn’t work Click Here for Details

Department of Injustice

The DOJ gets slammed for its corruption and not prosecuting its own lying ranks Click Here for Details

Guilt of the Uvalde Police is Showing?

Mother who got her own child out of the school during Uvalde shooting is now being harassed by Uvalde police? Click Here for Story

Revenge IS So Sweet…

Johnny Depp gets the best of woke Disney after his trial win Click Here for Details

Pro-Choice Violence

The right to choose terrorists are attacking churches and pro-life centers Click Here for Details

Red-Flag Laws Will Certainly Be Abused

If the weaponized DOJ and FBI doesn’t show you how abusive government can be Red-Flag laws will push it even further Click Here for Story

ESG is Pure Bullsh!t

The scam of the ESG movement actually rates Chinese companies using slave labor over clean energy American companies Click Here for Details

The Great Replacement…It is Real

Biden and the Democrats are doing everything they can to get new voters to replace Americans who have seen through their lies Click Here for Details

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