The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday June 3, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

No Tear Gas Used for President

MSM promoting fake news to hurt POTUS Click Here for Story

Covid Risk Levels?

“Experts” assign risk levels to activities Click Here for Details

Michigan, New Jersey Only States Still Prohibiting Haircuts

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer: ‘That’s our judgement’

Mystery Bricks Increase

Someone is leaving more bricks to help rioters do damage Click Here for Details

New Whitmer Order: You May Remove Face Mask While Eating In Bars Or Restaurants

Thanks for that; establishments can reopen June 8

Dems Go After Each Other?

Governor Cuomo blasts Mayor DeBlasio over failure to control riots Click Here for Story

Attacking Police

Across the nation rioters are assaulting and killing police Click Here for Details

It Should be 1st Degree Murder Charge

Officer Chauvin showed many minutes of premeditation Click Here for Story

More Force Coming to DC

AG Barr says more force to protect DC is coming Click Here for Details

Rioting is Not About Justice

Its criminal and its part of the left’s agenda Click Here for Story

Covid Hot Spots Same as Riot Hot Spots

Hmmm Democrat control is a common factor? Click Here for Details

Twitter Supports Rioters

Social Media giant is hurting the country Click Here for Story

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