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Democrats Abandon Blue Collar Workers

Democrats now only favor social justice “warriors” instead of workers Click Here for Story

Run Jimmy Run…

Corrupt former FBI Director James Comey runs away when confronted by facts Click Here for Details

Highland Park, water authority reach ‘good faith’ agreement on $24M debt

‘Tentative agreement’ will start with $1M payment from Highland Park by Friday; effect on bailout scenarios is unclear

The US Has an Alien Spacecraft?

Whistleblowers content the US is already in possession of alien spacecraft Click Here for Story

Biden signs debt ceiling bill; student loan pause to end in August

After veto threat of related bill, president signs deal ending student loan pause Read more

Much Ado About Nothing…

LGBTQ groups crying wolf over their treatment after shoving their agenda in America’s face for years now Click Here for Story

FBI Warning: Another Stall and Excuse…

Or is the Biden Crime family that dangerous? Click Here for Details

Sick And Wrong

Questionably Elected Governor Katie Hobbs vetos bill to stop pornography filming in schools? Click Here for Story

Depraved Democrats

They aren’t your father’s Democratic party anymore Click Here for Details

The Biggest Biden Scandal Yet?

Election interference could make Hunter and Joe’s bribery schemes look like child’s play? Click Here for Story

Believe Those Employment Statistics?

Maybe you shouldn’t Click Here for Details

Incompetent or Just Plain Corrupt?

Fauci said China should be believed…they shouldn’t have been? Click Here for Story

The Evil That IS Black Rock?

When is a multi-national financial conglomerate more than just a big business? When it promulgates actual evil Click Here for Details

DHS Thought Police

Looks like you've had a bit too much to think!" says t ... ' Poster by Dan  McCall | Displate

The US police state is already here Click Here for Story

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