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Simply Unprofessional or More Dangerous Escalation?

The US military was forced to take down one of its own drones after it collided with a Russian fighter jet over the Black Sea.

Russian pilots down US drone over the Black Sea Click Here for Details

Now What Will They Do?

House GOP now has access to Hunter Biden info will any justice be delivered? Click Here for Story

How Democrats Cheat…

Can the GOP actually compete with Democrats? Not unless they learn to cheat by the new rules like Democrats? Click Here for Details

On CNN, Whitmer misrepresents COVID record, suggests Florida data inaccurate

Whitmer echoes a debunked talking point and admits to seed-section folly in 9-minute interview

Catholic Shakeup

Will the Pope end the ban on Priest’s celibacy? Click Here for Details

DTE makes 5,170-page case for $619 million rate increase

Five takeaways from DTE Energy’s February 2023 rate case Read more

Shaking Out the Weak?

More regional banks under review after SVB and Signature Bank failures Click Here for Story

Don’t Blame Trump

Biden trying to blame Trump for the bank failures his policies have brought Click Here for Details

The Woke Joke

Silicon Valley doubled down on stupid woke investments as they were clearly already in trouble? Click Here for Story

Biden Breaking Constitutional Law

Are Biden’s Executive Orders on guns breaking the 2nd Amendment? Click Here for Story

Max Boot: Good Riddance to A Closet Liberal?

Boot renounces his “neoconservatism” but he was never conservative to begin with? Click Here for Story


DeSantis finally says what the truly conservatives have been saying. Ukraine isn’t a US national security problem its Europe’s problem Click Here for Details

More Biden Admin Stupidity

New rules for washing machines? Click Here for Story

Piss Poor Pence

Former Vice-President shows why he’s not worthy Click Here for Details

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