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Who Really Is In Control of the US Government?

Americans know Joe Biden is too far gone to be running the government Click Here for Story

Baltimore Tragedy

Cargo ship rams into major Baltimore bridge, causing total collapse

Container ship causes bridge to completely collapse in Baltimore Click Here for Story

Illegal Migrant Crime Wave

Central America emptied its jails and now America is paying the price for Joe Biden’s Open Border Click Here for Details

Thanks Whitmer: One-third of Michigan residents receive government assistance

Number has grown 30% since Whitmer took office

The Great Replacement is Real…

And Michigan is proof Click Here for Story

Flint teachers skip school as student proficiency hits single digits

This was a bad time for a teacher strike Read more

Is the House Just One Big Uni-Party Now?

Some Republicans helped Democrats put another bad spending bill into the history book Click Here for Story

RFK Jr. Made HIs First Big Mistake?

IS his VP pick going to sink the slim chance he had? Click Here for Details

When In Rome?

Republicans are still fighting against ballot drop boxes but have learned their lesson and are using them like Democrats Click Here for Story

The Politicized Federal Reserve

You can guess which side they are on... Click Here for Details

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