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Two Tiered Justice Again?

Opinion | Things Are Looking Pretty Weird for Merrick Garland - The New  York Times

AG Garland won’t call the planned murder of Christians by a transgender a hate crime? Click Here for Story

Across the Board for School Vouchers in Florida

Governor DeSantis has signed into law a bill allowing all Florida students access to school of choice vouchers Click Here for Details

Wind industry declares war on Michigan man

‘Like a Cult’ producers sling mud for clean energy

FBI Missed Another Mass Shooter?

Instead of going after these mass shooters before they commit crimes the FBI is focusing on diversity and inclusion Click Here for Story

Politicized IRS

Why would the IRS show up at Congressional witness’s house the same day he testified against the Federal government? Click Here for Details

Transgendered Killers

4 Transgendered individuals commit mass shootings in the last 5 years Click Here for Story

Biden Destroying the Economy

Economy goes from great to terrible under the Biden regime Click Here for Story

More Russian Escalation

Under a weak US President the Russians are now testing nuclear capable missiles in the Sea of Japan Click Here for Details

French Revolution?

Has the French government run France into the ground? Click Here for Story

Nashville School Shooter Was Anti-Christian?

Evidence seems to show the disturbed self-identified transgendered woman hated Christians Click Here for Details


Biden leers at children and talks about ice cream instead of addressing the deaths of children Click Here for Story

Border Crisis Now In the North As Well as The South

Biden policies have caused the US northern border to become as open and uncontrolled as the southern border Click Here for Details

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