The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday March 3, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

This is How Washington DC Treats our National Guard?

Michigan National Guardsmen hospitalized for purposefully bad food? Click Here for Details

Less Than Forth Coming?

FBI Director hiding info ? Click Here for Story

Michigan No. 30 In School Reopening

Iowa, Montana and Wyoming schools open Read more


California town wants to prevent more gas stations Click Here for Details

Indefinite Emergency Powers Are Unconstitutional

U-M law professor makes flawed case to overturn recent Supreme Court decision Read more

Real or More Fake News?

Biden says there will be vaccines for all adults by end of May ? Click Here for Story

Free States are Open

Texas ends mask mandate Click Here for Details

Institutionalizing Election Fraud

Democrats “For the People Act” will eliminate any protections against election fraud Click Here for Details

Radical Gun Control

The Democrat controlled House won’t stop till they have YOUR guns Click Here for Story

Cuomo Hires the Perverts Defender?

Amid increasing sexual allegations Governor Cuomo hires the Weinstein lawyer Click Here for Story

Climate Scam Back on Track

How badly can they hurt the US? Click Here for Details

The Flexible Fauci

Anthony Fauci has been wrong or flip flopped repeatedly Click Here for Story

CNN Covering Up for Another Democrats?

No coverage of the Cuomo Covid or sex scandals Click Here for Details

Just an Accident?

Mitt Romney knocked out after a fall? Click Here for Story

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