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Feds Aren’t Following Science?

An open Texas seems to refute what Biden and the CDC is pushing Click Here for Story

Stopping the Nonsense

Florida’s Governor isn’t buying the vaccination passport idea Click Here for Story

Michigan Has More Teachers Per Student Than 13 Years Ago

More favorable ratio challenges often-repeated claims of a teacher shortage

Kentucky Override

Kentucky’s legislature overrides Governor on appointments Click Here for Details

Fewer Students And More Teachers Means – A Michigan Teacher Shortage?

That’s what they say Read more

Waste of Effort

Mike Pence to run in 2024? Don’t Bother … Click Here for Details

Democrats Putting Illegals First

Illegal migrants get in person teaching while American students can’t go to school Click Here for Details

Home Prices Jumping?

Shortage of homes on the market Click Here for Details

Pelosi Touts the Climate Scam Lie

(Photo by John McCall/Sun Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Climate change is NOT pushing illegal immigration Democrat policies do Click Here for Details

On the Right Track

New Georgia voter laws can ensure a fair election? Click Here for Story

Academic Awakening?

Students join professors at Cornell to stop Chinese influence? Click Here for Details

Not Going Away Yet

Hunter Biden

Memos show more Biden corruption collusion in Ukraine Click Here for Story

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