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The Biden Economy: Painful

Fed Chair says more pain is coming for Americans Click Here for Story

January 6th Video Tapes: Democrats Lied?

Released video now shows the January 6th protest was not an insurrection and may well have been instigated by the Feds Click Here for Details

Putting American Military Last

Biden has sent so much military aid to Ukraine that US troops are running out of arms and ammunition? Click Here for Story

Energy reliability is not on the agenda in the Michigan Legislature

None of the 3 energy-related bills submitted in 2023 would improve energy reliability in Michigan Read more

Democrats Shred Civil Liberties

The Democrats are the party of fascism Click Here for Story

Michigan Democrats are the party of corporate welfare

For the Democrats who run Lansing, fixing the roads takes a back seat to picking winners and losersRead more

Two Americans Killed in Mexico

Two of the 4 Americans kidnapped in Mexico have been found dead Click Here for Story

‘All options are on the table,’ including burying power lines, Michigan utility regulator says

MPSC chief Dan Scripps says Michigan’s grid is not performing at the level the public deserves Read more

China Threatens

China is now openly threatening the US with military conflict, thanks Biden for showing so much weakness Click Here for Details

See How That Works?

The Taliban are using fingerprints and gun records to track down Afghans who worked with the US government Click Here for Story

What Are Leftists Afraid Of?

The left is angry that the January 6th videos are being released Click Here for Story

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