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Want Free Speech? Try Tusk?

Get the newest web browser and leave the censoring behind? Click Here for Details

Do You Understand Yet Susan?

RINO Senator Susan Collins gets threats from the left she likes to coddle Click Here for Story

Detroit Public School System Flush With Cash

Spending is up 54% per pupil, while COVID infusion totals more than $1 billion

Biden and Democrats Are Punishing Americans

Joe Biden locked in 'precarious' talks to save landmark legislation |  Financial Times

Gas prices reach ANOTHER new record high due to Democrat policies Click Here for Story

Rule by Mob

Democrats are sending violent mobs to SCOTUS Justice’s homes Click Here for Story

Judicial Watch Wins Court Victory Against the FBI

Judge orders FBI to turn over documents regarding Spygate? Click Here for Story

Not Necessarily the Good Guys?

Are Ukrainian troops torturing people? Click Here for Story

Making Inflation Worse

Democrats look to make inflation worse by having the US government borrow and spend more money for Ukraine Click Here for Details

They Panicked Because they Were Guilty?

FBI (@FBICBS) / Twitter

Notes show the FBI was in a panic after Trump tweeted (now truthfully known) that they were spying on him Click Here for Story

Inciting Violence

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is pushing for violence over abortion ruling Click Here for Story

Russian Troops in Disarray?

Are some Russian troops failing to obey orders in Ukraine? Click Here for Details


Attorney General Merrick Garland tests positive for COVID-19

Where is the Department of Justice on enforcing the law preventing protests at SCOTUS judges homes? Click Here for Story

Sneaky Schools

Hidden cameras show school systems are still sneaking CRT into classrooms to brainwash your child Click Here for Details

2000 Mules

2000 Mules (Video 2022) - IMDb

Yes the 2020 election was fraudulent Click Here for Story

The Joke Is on EV Owners?

Over 25% of electric charging stations in Democrat run San Francisco don’t work Click Here for Details

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