The News You Need to Know Wednesday May 12, 2021

Already Admitting Failure

Energy Secretary Granholm says people should not be hoarding gasoline?? Click Here for Story

Masks or Vaccine…Why Both?

Where is the science ? Click Here for Story

Proof of the Election Fraud?

Massive shift in Minority voting for Trump yet how did he lose? Click Here for Details and Here for More Info

Three States Will Refuse Federal Benefit That Makes Staying At Home Pay More Than Working

A Michigan Democrat explained the problemRead more

Israel Under Attack

Hamas is rocketing Israel Click Here for Details

Wind, Solar Firms Picked For Granholm’s Governor Mansion Soon Went Broke

Detroit Free Press reported the installation meant she’s not kidding on renewables Read more

Bad Policy

Terrible job numbers are a direct result of Democrat and Biden policy Click Here for Story

Vatican Supports Abortion?

Vatican warns US Catholic Bishops not to deny communion to Biden and politicians who support abortion Click Here for Details

New Low Even for the RINOs

Cheney, Kinzinger

Reps Kinzinger and Cheney full on support Pelosi and the Dems Click Here for Details

Where Is YOUR Mask From?

China dumping cheap masks into the US Click Here for Story

Sorry Joe Its a No Go

20 Governors tell Biden that taking the illegals is unacceptable Click Here for Details

America In Trouble

120 Retired Top Military officers say the US is at risk to socialist dictatorship? Click Here for Story

Blame Fauci for Covid?

His Department funded the Wuhan Lab to make Covid 19? Click Here for Details

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