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FBI Had No Evidence to Investigate Trump

The Russia Trump collusion was a story fabricated by Trump’s political rivals…The Democrats Click Here for Story

Hold Hillary Responsible?

The Clinton campaign seems to have ties to the phony Trump Russian collusion story that cost taxpayers so much money and hardship for Donald Trump Click Here for Details

Arizona Election Fraud

New video supports fraudulent work during the 2022 election? Click Here for Story

1619 Project creator paid $50K for Oakland University teacher seminar

Total cost of teacher confab: $97K Read more

Another Phony Lib Looking for Fame

Alleged “witness” at shooting tries to push gun control but gets called out by Texas police Click Here for Story

Report: DTE peak-hour rates hurt the poor

Poorer customers suffer ‘greater discomfort indoors,’ Detroit News reports, as summer A/C costs approach California levels Read more

Why Don’t Democrats Want People to Work?

Because if they are independent from government aid they won’t vote Democrat? Click Here for Story

Frequently Asked Questions: The CapCon Guide to Lansing

Michigan sends 148 lawmakers to represent 10 million people. Here’s how to find out what they’re up to

Are You Kidding Me??

California considering unemployment benefits for illegals Click Here for Details

Americans Reject the Transgendering Agenda

But the media tries to hide that fact Click Here for Story

The Skinny on the Durham Report

Want the rundown on John Durhams report that the media is ignoring? Get it here Click Here for Details

Chinese Infiltration

There seems to be a real possibility of Chinese infiltrators as Chinese entries through our southern border climb 900% Click Here for Story

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