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Keeping children in 'cages' costs American taxpayers more than $4.5 million  daily

Conditions at Biden’s migrant camps are disgusting Click Here for Details

Number Of Michigan Teachers Rises Even As Enrollment Declines

Yet media often tells a teacher shortage story

Showing Weakness

Strong man, wrestler and Hollywood celebrity John Cena bows to China Click Here for Story

Destroying Female Sports

Allowing men to compete with women is destroying female athletes careers Click Here for Story

Trump Was Right on Wuhan Virus?

Once again former President was correct on origin of Covid Click Here for Story

Who Owns This Airbase?

Airbase being built off Yemen Click Here for Details

Suicidal Democrats

Voting for Democrats who defund police invites more crime and murder Click Here for Story

Releasing Illegals

Migrants apprehended near the border town of Del Rio, Texas on May 16, 2021 are transported to a CBP processing facility. (Photo by SERGIO FLORES/AFP via Getty Images)

Fixing the border means letting illegal immigrants into the US to disappear? Click Here for Story

The Threat IS China

The US Congress needs to look at Chinese capabilities Click Here for Story

Blame Biden

Americans realizing the issues Biden Admin is creating Click Here for Details

State of DC ?

map of washington dc with red pushpin in it

Would require a Constitutional Amendment ? Click Here for Story

Alabama Says No to Vaccine Passports

Governor signs bill into law prohibiting vaccine passports in Alabama Click Here for Details

Good SCOTUS News

All Justices vote against an illegal alien’s attempt to avoid deportation Click Here for Story

The Result of Unchecked Socialism

Leftist violence grows in Columbia Click Here for Details

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