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Democrats Worry

A rebounding economy after Covid may be why Democrats are holding back state openings Click Here for Details

Lack of Leadership?

Governor Whitmer’s relationship with Republicans is incredibly low Click Here for Details

Court To State: Can’t Just Claim Health Emergency, You Need Evidence

Challenge to flavored tobacco ban could affect state’s COVID-19 response

How Wrong Can you Be?

Even Andrew Cuomo now sees Corona estimates were way off base Click Here for Story

Your Dog May Be Free To Get A Haircut In Michigan, But You’re Not

Lack of clarity abound in Governor’s confusing lockdown orders

The Senate Gamble

The Senate seats most likely to see a change in 2020? Click Here for Story

Daily Rate Of COVID Deaths, New Cases Down In Month Since Georgia Reopened

Opposite of the ‘human sacrifice’ some voices predicted

Mapping Your Social Network

The NSA can track you more than you think Click Here for Details

Put Americans First

Republican Senator Tom Cotton wants legislation to ensure Americans not illegals get Covid aid Click Here for Story

Holding Russia Accountable

Russia was violating treaty so why should the US have stayed in it? Click Here for Details

Treat Me Special


Governor’s husband courts special favors while she locks down the state’s residents Click Here for Story

The Great Masking

Societal manipulation is more of what the Covid response is about? Click Her for Details

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