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Biden Cages

Senator Cruz corners Secretary Mayorkas on his caging of children Click Here for Story

Fascist Fauci

Your rights don’t matter when it comes to Fauci’s phony plandemic Click Here for Story

But Can The Cheating Be Stopped?

Republicans should have a huge win in 2022 but has enough been done to stop Democrats from cheating? Click Here for Story

Its Not Kyle They’re After Its Your Right to Defend Yourself

The left wants to make an example of Kyle Rittenhouse that Americans can’t be allowed to defend themselves Click Here for Story

China Sees the Biden Weakness

Threaten to burn Biden over Taiwan ? Click Here for Details

We’re Already an Authoritarian State

Has the US already joined the ranks of North Korea, Russia, Iran and China? Click Here for Details

Hold Wray Accountable

GOP should grill Christopher Wray for his seemingly corrupt management Click Here for Story

Long Overdue

Wyoming GOP disowns Liz Cheney for not being a true republican Click Here for Details

Consorting With the Enemy?

Bush family working with black listed Chinese company? Click Here for Story

Loser To Try Again

Beto is back for another shot at being Texas Governor and taking your guns Click Here for Story

Just A Liberal Liar?

Assistant district attorney Thomas Binger begins giving the state's closing argument in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Monday.

Prosecutor in Rittenhouse trial caught lying in closing arguments? Click Here for Story

America’s Failure is Obama’s Plan

ITs not Biden running things in the White House Click Here for Details

Gutless or Just On China’s Payroll?

Biden avoided all talk of Covid origins with China Click Here for Story

China Eating Our Lunch…

And owning American business interests Click Here for Details

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