The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday November 25, 2020

Georgia On Our Minds?

Sidney and Lin file lawsuit in Georgia on Wednesday the 25th Click Here for Story

More Hasty Certifications?

Pennsylvania certifies votes including the fraudulent ones Click Here for Story

Real or Charade?

Will Michigan AG really investigate threats against Monica Palmer? Click Here for Story

Nearly A Million Were Unemployed In April; Down To 168k In Michigan As Of Nov. 7

Disgrace of the Emmys

Killer Cuomo gets an Emmy award? Click Here for Details

Michigan Taxpayers Still On Hook For $5.3 Billion To Corporations In Next 10 Years

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Dow Breaks Record

Dow breaks 30,000 for first time as Biden transition ramps up

All time high gets broken again Click Here for Story

Funny But Its Not A Joke

Biden will nominate a CNN analyst for Secretary of State Click Here for Story

A Croomer Says What?

Dominion Director admitted what??? Click Here for Story

The Election Fight Continues

More fraud and more court cases Click Here for Details

America Last

Biden would put America back into the Paris accords and hurt America Click Here for Story

Pot Calling the Kettle

Andrew Cuomo says cops who won’t enforce his orders are dictators? Click Here for Story

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